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Welcome to BASIC COPENHAGEN PLUSSIZE! Here you will find a model and actor agency who houses a database of beautiful men and women in sizes that fits both inside and outside the regular collection sizes. We work with men in size 42/44 and up as well as women in size 38/40 and up.

In 2010 we saw a growing trend for clients who founded brand with these sizzes in focus and thus BASIC COPENHAGEN PLUSSIZE got its very own website with search functions, news and application form with beautiful plussize models in focus! Whether you are a client or a model with these sizes in play, we look forward to hearing from you.


  • When are a model a plussize?

    Our plussize clients primarily use models from size 38-46 (women) and size 54 and up (men). Our plussize category therefore also includes models from our main page, as many models fit in both categories.

  • What does plussize means?

    Plussize is just a term we use for clients who work with men and women in the sizes mentioned above. The concept should not be interpreted negatively or as of BASIC CPH sees all these women and men as ”big” models. It is only so our clients can better find the sizes they use for their brand.

  • Should I have a certain height or weight to be plussize model?

    No. We do not go into measuring our models and our clients use several sizes, so everyone is welcome to apply.

  • What does it take to become a plussize model?

    You are not a plussize model just because you fit a certain size, just as you are not the “usual size” model just because you fit that group. Model work requires practice and like every other job, it is something you have to work on the be able to master. But if you have the smile, the courage, an outgoing mind and the desire to stand in front of the camera, then send us an application.

  • What kind of jobs are possible for a plussize model?

    Our clients are primarily in the clothing industry, but you can easily experience being sent as an option for all sorts of other photo jobs and commercial films. We represent everything from your beautiful size to your size.

  • Can you become a model and say no to jobs?

    We do not force anyone into jobs, but of course expect you to have a basic interest in modeling. However, if there is company or a certain character of the job that you do not feel comfortable with, then we will fully understand a no.

  • Do I get the pictures after a job done?

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the material as it is the client who buys the rights to it, but many clients are happy to share it with the agency after the publishment of the material, and if we get it, we always add it to the model’s profile or send it to you.

  • When do I get paid after a job?

    The model receives a salary immediately after the agency have received the payment from the client. It can take up to 2 months from job to payment and you can read all about the terms and procedures under the tab “About BASIC CPH”.

  • How do I update my profile?

    All changes and image material must be sent on e-mail to a contact at the agency. We approve and upload new photos. Find contact information under the tab “Contact us”.

  • Do I make money from modeling jobs?

    We always pay our models for the work they do. The payment is negotiated based on how many hours you have to go to work and how the pictures are used by the client. You will always be briefed on the payment before a job.

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Our big archive has over 6500 women, men, child models, celebrities and type models.
No matter what kind of model you’re looking for – we can match your needs.


When it comes to choosing new models, we are a bit strict. Not everyone gets accepted, but all is welcome to send us an application. We accept new models after a thorough evaluation, so our clients know they are in good hands here at BASIC CPH.


BASIC CPH have great experience with all kinds of bookings, castings and commercials. We have a sweet professional set of bookers and a committed staff of photographers, stylists and makeup-artists, who can make any task go smoothly and easy for you.

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