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2022-03-03 13:48:20 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Model

Plussize model Iben on job in lovely styles from Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche is a fashion brand which has been around since 1989 and they get new styles every week which they of course need gorgeous models to wear and show how looks and fits to the body. Among their many categories they have Plussize styles and here our plussize model Iben fitted perfectly into the type and look. Read a lot more about the fitting and casting processes in relation to your options for jobs in the article here.

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2020-06-09 14:57:27 - Categories: Campaign, Model

Backstage from PLUSSIZE branding video

BASIC CPH always tries to brand our models the best way possible and on a rainy Sunday we invited a few lovely plussize women to the studio to make a branding video for some of our sweet clients. It also resulted in some backstage fun and the gallery shows a little sneak peek of the shots "behind the recording camera".

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2020-06-09 14:10:21 - Categories: Modeller

Nadia has many years of experience

Nadia is just one out of many gorgeous plussize models, but here is a woman, who has walked on the catwalk for Triumph, been a covermodel for Q magazine, looked sporty for IFORM and been a regular lingerie- and fashionmodel for both Kvickly and Netto. As her experience increases she also gets more lovely and filled with confident, so she is sure recommendation to all our sweet clients, who are looking for a sharp women with curves!

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2020-06-05 11:36:56 - Categories: Model

BELLEVUE got a visit from Mie

On a Monday morning Bellevue quietly woke up with a visit from our Head of PRO, Vanessa Stuhr Ellegaard, who had planned a shooting in the beautiful surroundings outside. She had handpicked a few new stunning PRO faces, but our gorgeous PLUSSIZE model Mie was lucky to get a spot too. Mie is generally a really sporty type and the goal was to capture both her toned body and her beautiful fine features both on land and in water..

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