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Plussize model Iben on job in lovely styles from Creme Fraiche

From fitting to the finest plussize model in beautiful clothing

Creme Fraiche is a fashion brand which has been around since 1989 and markets itself with attractive prices on styles inspired by the fashion metropolises, Milan, Paris and London. They get new styles every week and here they of course also need gorgeous models to wear them and show how they look and fit to the body. Among their many categories they have Plussize styles and here our plussize model Iben from BASIC COPENHAGEN PLUSSIZE fitted perfectly into their type and look.

Initially of course it is important that a model fits a brand's collection sizes and types of clothing, so therefore Creme Fraiche asked if they could start with a booking of Iben for a fitting. It is important that us as a model agency and you as a model is agreeing with this as a potential need, especially if the different styles differentiates a little from the primary measurements many brands work with. Another example might be when a client is searching for a model to market glasses. Here it is also important that the shape of the head fits the different frames/types of glasses that are to be represented in a photoshoot and therefore you could experience an initial casting.


Increase your chances of being booked

Iben happily jumped out on a fitting and matched the styles perfectly. Since then she has already been on two photoshoots with the sweet team from Creme Fraiche and has managed to get a good contact in place with a good client through BASIC CPH. This is why we as a modeling agency always recommend that you take these offered opportunities to be seen, as in many cases it leads to the establishment of some good future prospects for jobs.

A fitting can also be equated with a casting. BASIC CPH work with these on a daily basis and therefore you can also experience that we as a model agency contact you a lot in order to participate in the opportunity to be selected for a larger case. For castings related to for example commercials or feature films, our clients most often come to us with a request for different types/roles. They have either chosen a strong selection on the website who they feel fits in the look or they ask us bookers to recommend some profiles within their specified criteria. Once the look is in house then just like with a fitting, it is important that you also "fit" the role in your way of performing it. At a casting you will therefore find that you have to give your take on a few lines or show a certain desired facial expression depending on what the role itself should be able to do. This casting can both be at a location or you can be asked to do it from home and make the so-called selftape.


Get wiser on the casting processes with these tips

Have you seen our blog post category on the main page? If not we recommend you to take a look and then you will find some good articles about the actors way to the greatest casting and how you make the best self casting from home. As an agency we have recently experienced a greater focus on getting a better impression of the faces who are booked for the jobs and therefore it can be an advantage for you to become more wiser about how to give the best impressions through these castings so you increase your odds of more opportunities coming your way.