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Plussize models with big smiles, beautiful shapes and soft knit

Pure Cashmere got the pleasure of BASIC CPH's big smiling plussize model Lea

Pure Cashmere Copenhagen is a Danish brand with a passion for the exclusive cashmere and the desire to dress all women in the delicious material. BASIC CPH's beautiful plussize model Lea has been one of the lucky big smiling women who have been wrapped up in their beauties for both collection shoots at locations and in the studio with us, the model and actress agency, BASIC CPH. At their latest shoot the brand was looking for a new photographer and a studio and last autumn BASIC CPH expanded with its very own large photo studio in the same building as the office studio at Nørrebro and therefore the agency were lucky enough to be able to offer our experienced in house photographer Pernille Howalt, who was ready to help.

Plussize models are ordinary beautiful models

Plussize models, round models, big models, curvy models, chubby models.. There are many words in play when society has tried to categorize something other than the traditionel old-fashioned articulation of a model where a particular ideal to a large extent has dictated when one fitted. Fortunately, BASIC CPH has had a strong focus on exactly this from the start and some might challenge the choice of the word "plussize model", as Lea in the article here is obviously a very ordinary beautiful size woman with great shapes and not least a fantastic smile that steals most of the attention. But "plussize models" is by no means a negatively charged word at BASIC CPH and we wish for others to help society see it the same way and make room for a gorgeous category to live positively. After the model and actress agency had gained momentum for a few years in the very beginning, we began to experience an increasing demand for women and men, who by customers and stores themselves referred to as brands who focused on fashion for larger sizes with more shapes than the average. Therefore BASIC CPH chose to create a special category page called 'Plussize models',  where clients could search for exactly the sizes relevant in their category, so our beautiful fuller women and men had the opportunity to be spotted in the crowd. All our plussize models have therefore simply been given an extra "tag" besides their main page location as as BASIC CPH model, so they are easier to be found for more types of incoming photo and commercial film requests, where they also fit.

BASIC CPH embraces several wonderful categories to benefit our clients and models

Plussize models is one of several categories/tags we have chosen to offer clients to navigate in. BASIC CPH currently contains over 5000 types of models, so in addition to Plussize models, the model and actors agency has chosen to create an extra page each for kids models, professional models, sportmodels and hand and body models. Overall it is a strategy developed to meet the wishes from our clients the best way possible, so they will always have the opportunity to visit exactly the segment or type of models they have in mind for their next production. This is also why we have offered additional search functions you can use on the individual pages such as age groups, location, height and gender. If you as a client is looking for something specific then you can trust that we always have the intention to make it as easy for you as possible to find and we are always available with additional information about the models if needed. As a model you are also very welcome to contact BASIC CPH if you feel you can comply with one of the categories outside the main page and are interested in trying it out.

In the gallery below you will find a fine selection of our beautiful plussize model Lea in the lovely materials from PureCashmere.. You can also check out her full portfolio here on the website.