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Why is it called Plussize models at BASIC CPH?

Curvy, large, big, chubby, mature, plussize models.. or just "models"?

In 2010 BASIC CPH chose to create a category called "plussize models".  A searchable tag for our clients - today also with its very own website under BASIC CPH - where a certain type of model has been given the opportunity to be presented more exclusively. These models were not removed from the our main page or deprived of other job opportunities at the model agency, but simply added an extra category as they with their specific clothing size, hit a target audience of clients, which we saw a growing trend towards and demand from. With their brand these clients only focused on men in size 42/44 and up, as well as women in size 38/40 and up. Plussize is thus just a category that BASIC CPH uses for clients who work with these clothing sizes and the category should in no way at all be interpreted negatively or as if BASIC CPH sees these woman and men as "big" or unnatural models. They are just as normal as our other models and it is only so that our clients can better find the sizes they use for their particular brands as the common brands often work with smaller sizes as well and must have a different selection of models presented.


Is BASIC CPH PLUSSIZE a "rebellion" agains the dominant beauty/body ideals?

The model agency has not been a frontrunner in a new trend, but in recent times in our society we have (thankfully) experienced more dialogue and debate around the dominant beauty/body ideals. We have discussed, criticized and opened up about especially the female body being more versatile and existing in far more forms than the one we have been constantly/primarily presented with in media or marketing. So BASIC CPH saw a beginning of a less narrow-minded and more open view of "ideals", and a more natural approach and acceptance of several kinds of bodies. At the same time we also experienced the demand for more diversity from clients, and the new way of seeing and showcasing the body, and therefore we also decided to follow this trend, support it and create better opportunities for the new market by among other things creating BASIC CPH PLUSSIZE MODELS and expand to even more different kinds of types.


Does the modeling agency relate to the fact that many young people are said to be influenced by beauty/body ideals?

Yes, we definitely want to help shape young people in a positive direction, as we are convinced that the industry has an effect on many. The young people are at an age where they try to find themselves, look for role models and may be drawn to the idea that you have to look a certain way to be in "your best version" or fit in. And the beauty/body ideal that is being criticized today - for example being to skinny - is of course able to influence young people in a negative direction, especially if it is the ideal they choose to use as a mirror for themselves and thus come to strive for an unnatural body for their own type. And this is a problem that we recognize and hope that more people who have an influence on the industry will be/and become more and more aware of. Therefore we at BASIC CPH seek to go against this "one-sided" body ideal by presenting and reflecting many different "ideals" and many different types to use, as they perfect body can be - and is for us - depending on what type YOU are born as. In this way we have a wide database that our clients can search for models in and be inspired by, which indicates that there is not one ideal, but that all kinds of bodies are a fact and a natural part of society, and quite obvious can be used for photo- and commercial films.

In the gallery below you can see a selection of pictures from Helena's, Julie's and Anda's portfolio. Three very different beautiful plussize models in different sizes and body shapes, which you can easily meet on the streets and thus can also be booked for jobs with a great guarantee of making many women feel included and presented as a beautiful "normal" type!